Sunday, November 23, 2008


My good friend Fumiko asked for a toga, so she could have a toga party. Seems there are plenty of togas in SL, but none were exactly what she was looking for. So, I cooked up a sexy little 3-piece number for her and baked it until it was steaming hot!

Tricky stuff: Jacket layer sash covers one side of the chest, while the shirt layer sash covers the other half :)

Skirt layer bottom - no undies of course - and prims all over to complete it. I thought about making the top and bottom sculpted by buying M&M custom sculpt maps, but they're really pricey. Maybe for the next toga project :)

I decided to make some custom sandals to go with the outfit. They're fun. ...and breezy :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Year in SL!

Well, it's been a while since my last blog, and a lot has happened. The costume fair came and went, and I had my first Rez Day! It was great! My friends Deep and Veronica threw a party :) ... ok, enough about me... the Wild Style Fashions blog must go on!

I have to give a rare shout out to another store: ETD. They have some awesome hair, and it's ALL only L$30 or less right now. An incredible deal! I mean, I love Queue's Analog Dog hair, but ETD's price can't be beat right now. I had to buy like 6 styles :)

Since Halloween, I reworked the Goddess Silks with shiny textures, mono-compiled scripts, and new "Lockmeister" scripted anklets, bracelets and collar. Also, there are new belts and hats on display, and best/latest of all, the new and MUCH improved Veronica's Secret Pinstripe Suit. Check it out!!!

Every look you see in that shot is in one package, and in the main store, each part is available separately to mix and match.

OH! I have mall space available sine one of the tenants moved out. Check it out! L$2/prim/day (with 10% discount if you rent 4 weeks at a time)