Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ashe from FF

Another Final Fantasy character has been requested. I never set out to be a designer of Final Fantasy characters for Second Life, but it seems that the Final Fantasy fans have found me and they keep wanting more! I have a hard time saying "no" (hold the snickering down please), so I guess "it's ON".
Ashe will hopefully be done by end of July. We'll see!
I gave up on Ashe because the more it comes together, the less I liked it :(
If I get enough people begging for Ashe, I might still make it, but so far there were only 2 people who really expressed interest.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My most complicated outfit to date!

Why do I do this? I think it's a relentless persuit of perfection. The Gorean "Panther Girl" is a warrior that lives in the wild, is fiercely independent, strong, and sexy. I wanted to make an outfit that fully embodied every aspect of that, and would allow someone to step into that world with a single purchase. The design goal was to produce the best Panther outfit in SL. At least it is my favorite :)

This is the result - another 5 weeks of torturing prims and playing with scripts, getting everything to work. I worked with a few really helpful people, and I would like to thank them!

:) Gostosa Siamendes: For lots of ideas on what Panthers like in their outfits, and for feedback while I was making the outfit - Thanks so much!

:) Patrik Ling for help with the weapons scripts, thanks!

:) Kara Markova: For being a huge help with what matters when it comes to a Panther bow. I would have been clueless without you!

I'm hopeful that you love this outfit. I have to spend the next few months getting the (yes, fully functional) weapons to be approves by various sim owners (there are 1047 Gorean sims) before I get too many more variations out.

In the meantime, looks like the next project might be "Ashe" from Final Fantasy:

She'll take a while, but several people have asked about the outfit, and apparently it's not available in SL yet... I can't resist that type of opportunity!