Friday, January 23, 2009

Zoot! redux

A very nice gentleman came into the store and asked if I could make a jacket to add to the Wild Style Zoot suit. He was kind enough to give me some hints as to what it should look like, which helped a lot. After trying to do everything in the mesh, I tossed the first design out because the lapels were distorting on the chest and the skirt portion just looked lame. It would have to be prims or nothing. It took a couple of days to get the flexi on the lower protion and the curves on the lapels just right, but here he is. Since the competition is selling Zoots at L$700 - L$1000, and this complete set is only L$550, we'll see how long it takes to become the #1 Zoot in SL!!! :)
I'd look into making shoes, but HOC has really good L$10 "Skootchers". How can I compete with that?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finally Finished with Paine ...

Night after endless night of slaving to make the perfect recreation of Paine has yielded this amazing outfit. I found another Paine outfit on the grid after I had already made this; but mine is 10 times better, I think. I'm just wondering if people will pay twice as much for the quality or go for the cheap version just to have something "similar". I had the same situation with FF Fran, but apparently people LOVE her. Time will tell.

I hired Helke Duettmann to shoot a video to Three Days Grace's song "Pain". It should be VERY interesting!

Up next: Zoot jackets and purple flames! That sounds weird, but they're not in the same outfit :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hi Fashion Fans!

OK, I was super busy the last month! With RL, Christmas, New Years, and all that there wasn't enough time to blog. Here's the rundown of new releases:

Christmas Undies, based on the very successful Skull Undies from Halloween. There is a new line of Rave outfits with flexi bell-bottoms and cool belts, and I quietly released a set of ruby heart jewelry (which I'm planning to update very soon).

The guys get a new set of shirts, and I had a few custom jobs. Notably, I created the championship belts for the SL Extreme Wrestling Federation!

It's time once again for a big project, so here comes Final Fantasy X2 "Paine". I would love to shoot a video for Youtube to the song "Pain" by Three Days Grace. That would totally rock :)

There's only 2 pieces left to make the outfit complete: her wrap, and her brooch. I was thinking about including a sword for her, but I'm not sure how far down that road I would go. There's all kinds of scripting that goes with swords... ugh...

Paine has a barbed-wire necklace that is included in this set, but is so cool I might sell it separately. Also, her boots are a new sculpt set that I just got -and tweaked a little :) ... those might be cool as separate items. Her gloves are highly detailed too. The only thing that bugs me is that when I started out, I thought this would be the ONLY Paine in Second Life. Alas, just like Fran before her, I discovered that there is a competitor. Fortunately, I think mine will be 10 times as good!

The Second Style Magazine ad for Wild Style is due to hit soon, and I'm hoping that a larger audience discover what Wild Style has to offer.

The mall is full once again, and we have a Fierce reseller now! Everyone should come by and check out the mall. If you know a good designer that you think should be there, I can always make room.

My good friend Inferno Nightfire moved in to Cheonma next door to Wild Style, so I made a path over to her store :) It's called "Fetish Inferno", and she has some really racy stuff. I'm really excited to have a friend as my neighbor, and hope it will prove to be a good location for her!

Thanks for tuning in, Fashion Fans!