Sunday, October 30, 2011

Darkly Delicious Hunt!

If you're curious about indulging your dark side, or just want some sexy stuff for free :) ...Wild Style Fashions is participating in the "Darkly Delicious" hunt (

The prize at Wild Style?  THIGH BOOTS.  This hunt only goes for 2 weeks (started yesterday), with 102 stores participating... so get her while it lasts!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Hi everyone!  I recently had redone my Lace Dress, and one of the outfits I had based off it was my Wicked Witch.  This new design is a vivid black, with updated frilly lace and updated hat and belt.  I tried it out the night before the release at Sanctuary Rock and won the costume contest without even TP'ing a single friend!

The hat features a flexi tip the weaves back and forth as you move, and a high front slit.

Get wicked this Halloween with Wild Style Fashions!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Make your Fantasy come true!

I love the Fantasy genre, and I've been ogling the armor designs at various other stores for a while.  So in all fairness, let me roll out the competition first!

~ Caverna Obscura ~
Any advice about finding a Fantasy outfit would not be complete without mentioning Caverna Obscura (by Elvina Ewing).  Elvina is super-talented and offers a wide selection of Fantasy apparel.  If you're looking for Fantasy armor or outfits, Caverna Obscura is an absolute MUST SEE during your shopping trip.
~ Deviance ~
Deviance (by Surreal LeShelle) has some super-sexy fantasy outfits too.  She definitely does a great job.  I love her Elementalist outfit.  I can't believe she was giving it away as a freebie during a hunt!
~ Chaospire ~
Chaospire (by Devyn Grimm) has some of the most artistic designs using painted-on (old style avatar-mesh) clothing I've seen in SL.  He mixes in prims for flexi bits very well.  I have several of his designs because they're just SO well done!
~ Everyone else ~
There are a lot more designers out there, and I'll apologize in advance for missing them.

Now for MY STUFF!!!!

~ Wild Style Fashions ~
I'm hopeful that Wild Style Fashions can now be part of everyone's Fantasy outfit shopping spree, with this new design by yours truly... :)

Dangerous.  Fierce.  Sexy.

The cloak is split in the back so you can wear dual-wield sword sheaths.

I went and made some swords to go with the set. :)

(I'm still working on the scripts for the swords, but they'll be out soon.)

Wild Style Fashions - where your Fantasy can come true!  Or at least be a little more cool. :)