Tuesday, August 16, 2011


In the spirit of breathing life into a concept I had a while back with my Lace Dress collection, I added some flexi bits to make the system skirt "bustle" back end work into an advantage.  The pieces flow, and keep the wild spirit of the design.  Great for vamping it up or a sexy evening out! 
Available today in Crimson Red (pictured), Black, and Purple. Coming soon: Green and Blue. Other colors available on request. :)

I made matching pantyhose, because the slit in the front is dangerously high.  Available in Red, Black, and Purple to match.  Pantyhose sets come with tattoo layer and undies/socks layer option.  Wear both together to make them opaque. :)

And in keeping with my philosophy that the implant market is under-served, I made an implant-compatible version for the very busty ladies of SL: