Monday, March 24, 2014

Stranded, but at least I have...

Stranded on this desert island, fortunately I have new Lolas appliers for the Wild Style Bandeau Bikini!  And new SLink flat feet.  And new glasses!

I was looking through my inventory the other day for some cool glasses to wear with a bad-ass outfit, and all I could find were my old Kalnins with a crazy number of scripts in them.  I got to thinking "Why don't I make a pair?  So I whipped together a design.  Nothing super-fancy, but functional and served what I needed for the outfit.  The more I wore them, the more I liked them, and started giving them to all my friends.  Then I decided to give them away to my store group.

(thanks to Janic Ouachita for that)
Bikini: Wild Style Fashions Bandeau Bikini with Lolas Tango Appliers
Hair: "Baby" Jet by Analog Dog
Glasses: WSF Wraparound Glasses, Model #1 (group gift, see notices)
Lolas Tango breast enhancement
SLink mesh feet flat
LAQ Martina Glow skin (mocha)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Experimenting with making shimmery clothes...

I saw some clothing in SL that had this "shimmer" effect, and talked with people at Builders Brewery to see how it's done.  It's easier than you might think!  So, clothing designers, if you're interested in how to make your mesh outfits shimmer, here's an option (besides having a texture animation script)...

Basic materials!  (requires materials-enabled viewer to see the bumpiness, which makes the whole effect):
My backless mini dress design with materials change
(not available yet in store - just a prototype)
Want it?  If you already have the mini, just let me know, and I'll pass this to you FREE.