Monday, March 24, 2014

Stranded, but at least I have...

Stranded on this desert island, fortunately I have new Lolas appliers for the Wild Style Bandeau Bikini!  And new SLink flat feet.  And new glasses!

I was looking through my inventory the other day for some cool glasses to wear with a bad-ass outfit, and all I could find were my old Kalnins with a crazy number of scripts in them.  I got to thinking "Why don't I make a pair?  So I whipped together a design.  Nothing super-fancy, but functional and served what I needed for the outfit.  The more I wore them, the more I liked them, and started giving them to all my friends.  Then I decided to give them away to my store group.

(thanks to Janic Ouachita for that)
Bikini: Wild Style Fashions Bandeau Bikini with Lolas Tango Appliers
Hair: "Baby" Jet by Analog Dog
Glasses: WSF Wraparound Glasses, Model #1 (group gift, see notices)
Lolas Tango breast enhancement
SLink mesh feet flat
LAQ Martina Glow skin (mocha)

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