Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Oxford is reborn!

Finally, after 5 weeks of toiling and texturing...  This is the result!

Come in to the main store in Cheonma and try out the FREE DEMO!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I know, it's taking forever...

Trying to get a release out every week or two is a lot more work than you might think.  I got it in my head that I want to revamp my older designs with 100% effort to be the best in class that can be found on SL.  Last month I set about remaking my old unbuttoned Oxford shirt from 2008.  My goal?  I want to capture the quality of Armidi and Hoorenbeek with my own sexy "Wild Style" flair!  My work-in-process is on Flikr, but the demo of this shirt just went out to my Wild Style Fashions store group.  Join and check past notices for a free inworld copy...

Shirt: Wild Style Fashions Ladies' Oxford (Grape) - out next week I hope!!!
Hair: "Ladonna" by Analog Dog
Skin: LAQ
Bracelets: Wild Style (not yet released)
Pants: Nicky Ree

All I need to do is finish the button-up version and I'll release a half-dozen colors so at least something gets out the door!  Again, sorry for taking so long!

Please feel free to send me a note or IM, if there's a color you think I should make or the demo needs something to make it better

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nobody ever suspects me

I have this shirt in RL; and every time I wear it, people think I'm innocent.
I totally carry it off; I mean, who wouldn't believe a shirt this cute?
So I made this shirt for SL in 2009 and I'm going through my stuff to redo everything with better textures and shadowed edges and stuff, and I recall someone mentioning RLV and how I should make my outfits in various stages of undress. 
What better place to start with that idea than with this totally awesome shirt?  :)

On sale now at Wild Style Fashions.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Darkly Delicious Hunt!

If you're curious about indulging your dark side, or just want some sexy stuff for free :) ...Wild Style Fashions is participating in the "Darkly Delicious" hunt (

The prize at Wild Style?  THIGH BOOTS.  This hunt only goes for 2 weeks (started yesterday), with 102 stores participating... so get her while it lasts!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Hi everyone!  I recently had redone my Lace Dress, and one of the outfits I had based off it was my Wicked Witch.  This new design is a vivid black, with updated frilly lace and updated hat and belt.  I tried it out the night before the release at Sanctuary Rock and won the costume contest without even TP'ing a single friend!

The hat features a flexi tip the weaves back and forth as you move, and a high front slit.

Get wicked this Halloween with Wild Style Fashions!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Make your Fantasy come true!

I love the Fantasy genre, and I've been ogling the armor designs at various other stores for a while.  So in all fairness, let me roll out the competition first!

~ Caverna Obscura ~
Any advice about finding a Fantasy outfit would not be complete without mentioning Caverna Obscura (by Elvina Ewing).  Elvina is super-talented and offers a wide selection of Fantasy apparel.  If you're looking for Fantasy armor or outfits, Caverna Obscura is an absolute MUST SEE during your shopping trip.
~ Deviance ~
Deviance (by Surreal LeShelle) has some super-sexy fantasy outfits too.  She definitely does a great job.  I love her Elementalist outfit.  I can't believe she was giving it away as a freebie during a hunt!
~ Chaospire ~
Chaospire (by Devyn Grimm) has some of the most artistic designs using painted-on (old style avatar-mesh) clothing I've seen in SL.  He mixes in prims for flexi bits very well.  I have several of his designs because they're just SO well done!
~ Everyone else ~
There are a lot more designers out there, and I'll apologize in advance for missing them.

Now for MY STUFF!!!!

~ Wild Style Fashions ~
I'm hopeful that Wild Style Fashions can now be part of everyone's Fantasy outfit shopping spree, with this new design by yours truly... :)

Dangerous.  Fierce.  Sexy.

The cloak is split in the back so you can wear dual-wield sword sheaths.

I went and made some swords to go with the set. :)

(I'm still working on the scripts for the swords, but they'll be out soon.)

Wild Style Fashions - where your Fantasy can come true!  Or at least be a little more cool. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wild Style Fashions - the place for lingerie

I set out on a mission to make Wild Style Fashions the place people think of for "sexy".
I'm hopeful that these undies will do the trick!
The Wild Style Corset:
  • Floral pattern
  • 3 Layer options
  • 4 prim lace frill options with bows (attachments are mod)
  • Every color you could want!  (if you don't see it, ask!)

V-style Undies Set.  Each set comes with:
  • layer options
  • 5 styles of panties!!!  From conservative to G-string and a few in between...
  • stockings
  • garter belts separate from the undies
  • in colors to match the corset!

Wild Style Fashions is the place to go for Sexy.

Monday, September 12, 2011

New hair at Analog Dog!

OK, You're probably asking yourself: Why is April blogging about somebody else's stuff?  I mean, this is a store blog for Wild Style Fashions.  If I was keeping the blog purely self-serving, then yeah, I'd have to throw in something about the store.  OK, fine.  I'll plug the store at the end to keep you all happy.

Queue Marlowe (hair designer extraordinaire) has been slaving away on her hair line and remodeling her store, and these new hairs are really awesome!  The mix of sculpts and flexi and the cute textures really make for some wickedly awesome hair.  Queue is a true artist, and her hair reflects her passion for creating hair that makes your avatar come to life.
"Bound" has a punk vibe that really resonates with me.  I know, I'd probably poke my eye out with the buckle, but it's soooo cute!  Skin by LAQ, by the way.

"Caught" has a separate attachment for the hair to cover your chest, and blends perfectly with the head attachment.  If you're planning a ride through town on your horse with nothing but hair, this is the one to wear!

"LaDonna" has pins in it to hold everything up (you may have to squint to see them, but they're there).  This is a great style for those long nights in front of the computer, when just about anything can happen...

"Tavern" is va-va-voom sexy, and I think I have a new favorite hair!  This is what happens when you let "LaDonna" loose :)

See all these hairs and more at Analog Dog! <--yes, that's the SLURL

*~~~~*  My Store Stuff!  *~~~~*
So now for the shameless plug.  The Wild Style Fashions Main Store has been remodeled!  There's a new Clearance Section on the 4th floor, where I've put nine (9) of my older designs up for 50% off.  I've also added more freebie items in the freebie section on the 3rd floor.

I have this super-sexy undies set all boxed up, just need to do the in-store ad picture and mannequins (this is the ad pic I'll use for Marketplace).  I made it in literally a dozen colors! I made the same colors for the brand new corset... going for a theme here...  And if you see a design in the store and would like it in another color, just ask!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

New MM board item, new raffle

I'm reactivating the Midnight Mania board at Wild Style Fashions, and putting in this little gem.  Flame Undies Set by Wild Style Fashions. 

Credits: Skin by LAQ, Hair by Analog Dog.  Queue Marlowe just came out with a bunch of new styles, and they're awesome.  This one is called "LaDonna", in "Goth" color.

I'm in the process of remodelling to give the store a more modern look, and hopeful that this will bring a few more people down to check it out.  If you visit the store, please feel free to give me feedback!

I've modified the rules of the Wild Style Fashions monthly store raffle.  I used to give out the raffle prize to members of the store group, without much regard for whether people were visiting the store or not.  I have now added a raffle kiosk, and another step to get in the raffle.  To join the monthly raffle, you need to be a member of the Wild Style Fashions store group, and click the kiosk in the main store.

One winner is chosen at random each month.  To win, that person has to still be in the Store Group.  If the winner ALSO has Wild Style Fashions in their "Picks", then they get a bonus L$1000 gift card!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I just finished packing up this little gem.  I hope you all like it!

Wild Style Fashions is proud to present this sexy corset set with matching stockings, garter, and panties.
Matching lace border trim is moddable to fit your avie, and fitting assistance is available. Lace trim comes with small bows in various optional configurations.

Surprise your loved one today!
Transferrable gift bag available at the main store in Cheonma. Vist the store for plenty of other exciting and sexy clothing choices!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


In the spirit of breathing life into a concept I had a while back with my Lace Dress collection, I added some flexi bits to make the system skirt "bustle" back end work into an advantage.  The pieces flow, and keep the wild spirit of the design.  Great for vamping it up or a sexy evening out! 
Available today in Crimson Red (pictured), Black, and Purple. Coming soon: Green and Blue. Other colors available on request. :)

I made matching pantyhose, because the slit in the front is dangerously high.  Available in Red, Black, and Purple to match.  Pantyhose sets come with tattoo layer and undies/socks layer option.  Wear both together to make them opaque. :)

And in keeping with my philosophy that the implant market is under-served, I made an implant-compatible version for the very busty ladies of SL:

Sunday, July 31, 2011


So I was experimenting a little in the new SL viewer, and sometimes the way the camera moves around bugs me.  It locks strangely and goes all over when you're inside big hollowed out prims like in some stores and malls.  I caught it in mid-act and saw that in some cases it created a cool look.  Here, showing off my new hair from [kik], is a sample shot I took.  I have to admit to a little Photoshop work to blur the railing more, but that's about it...
Outfit: Leopard Mini Prowler by Wild Style Fashions
Skin: Laq Martina [09] Glow skin

Friday, June 24, 2011

Heat things up!

This week I'm releasing an outfit I've had cooking for a long time.  It's hot enough to burn now! 
Glow in the dark pieces with flame textures and plenty of matches accentuate this super-hot outfit.  Available with matching flame undies and thigh boots as shown above, of by its lonesome, ready to mix-n-match with all that fiery hot stuff in your wardrobe!  Even includes a match to chew on...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beach Trip!

Who says you can't go to the beach in April?  I never let people tell me things about April :)

I'm on a mission to update my older designs with new skills, and this week I have a bikini that I'm re-introducing.  This time around, it has realistic shadow effects at the edges, and I even included matching "tan lines" that you can wear after a few hours in the sun to make it look like the suit really left an impression!

For sale at the main store in Cheonma (SLURL)
And on Marketplace (Link)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Rawr! Leopard Prints at Wild Style Fashions

Feeling wild?  Feed your inner animal on some new hotness from Wild Style Fashions...

This set is really 3 sets in one: an opaque set, a sheer set, and an ultra-sheer set.  It comes with several styles of stockings to choose from, so you can mix&match to your heart's content!

This leapard mini set comes with all-prim clothing... no "glitch" pants or tops... and even includes Wild Style's custom "rip script" so people can undress you if you let them (instructions included - and you can remove the scripts if you don't want them)

What's cooler than a leather jacket?  An all-prim Leather Jacket!

Put all that together, and you get...

All available now, at the Wild Style Fashions main store in Cheonma.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Teaser: Leopard Prints!

Jacket: My soon to be released Bomber
Skirt: My soon to be released Leopard mini
Undies: Soon to be released!!!
Boots: Thigh Boots by Wild Style Fashions (available now)
Necklace: Barbed Heart by Wild Style Fashions (available now)
Hair by Damselfly - Neysa Black Pearl
That's Martina skin by LAQ, in Mocha with "07" makeup... just got it today... dang it's pricey, but I love the effect!  Eyes by LAQ too.

The trouble with having SL fashion in your blood is that even when important stuff like taking those last classes to graduate get in the way, there's always that burning desire to come back... just to spend a few minutes here, there... It'll be fine, really... You tell yourself that you can escape that high that comes from making something you really love; but it's hopeless.... really...

So once again, I've been toiling away, making more stuff.  Feeling fiesty, it seemed appropriate somehow to go with leopard print, and make a new undies set.  But then, what to wear with it?  You can't just have leopard undies and NOT accessorize.  I mean, come on!  They were begging to have something cover them that matched.

Really, they were.  "Pleeeeeez!"  I swear I heard them begging me.  I'm not going insane.  Really!  So, here's a teaser pic of what's going into boxes some time this week...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trench Coats!

RL has been kicking my butt, so I'm happy that I was able to get at least one thing off my to-do list in this quarter.  Working on a bunch more things, but time is scarce; so I'll just do the best I can.  If you have suggestions for new items, let me know!  I have a feeling I'll be able to spend more time this summer...