Friday, April 8, 2011

Rawr! Leopard Prints at Wild Style Fashions

Feeling wild?  Feed your inner animal on some new hotness from Wild Style Fashions...

This set is really 3 sets in one: an opaque set, a sheer set, and an ultra-sheer set.  It comes with several styles of stockings to choose from, so you can mix&match to your heart's content!

This leapard mini set comes with all-prim clothing... no "glitch" pants or tops... and even includes Wild Style's custom "rip script" so people can undress you if you let them (instructions included - and you can remove the scripts if you don't want them)

What's cooler than a leather jacket?  An all-prim Leather Jacket!

Put all that together, and you get...

All available now, at the Wild Style Fashions main store in Cheonma.

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