Monday, March 28, 2011

Teaser: Leopard Prints!

Jacket: My soon to be released Bomber
Skirt: My soon to be released Leopard mini
Undies: Soon to be released!!!
Boots: Thigh Boots by Wild Style Fashions (available now)
Necklace: Barbed Heart by Wild Style Fashions (available now)
Hair by Damselfly - Neysa Black Pearl
That's Martina skin by LAQ, in Mocha with "07" makeup... just got it today... dang it's pricey, but I love the effect!  Eyes by LAQ too.

The trouble with having SL fashion in your blood is that even when important stuff like taking those last classes to graduate get in the way, there's always that burning desire to come back... just to spend a few minutes here, there... It'll be fine, really... You tell yourself that you can escape that high that comes from making something you really love; but it's hopeless.... really...

So once again, I've been toiling away, making more stuff.  Feeling fiesty, it seemed appropriate somehow to go with leopard print, and make a new undies set.  But then, what to wear with it?  You can't just have leopard undies and NOT accessorize.  I mean, come on!  They were begging to have something cover them that matched.

Really, they were.  "Pleeeeeez!"  I swear I heard them begging me.  I'm not going insane.  Really!  So, here's a teaser pic of what's going into boxes some time this week...

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