Saturday, December 19, 2009

Funny Holiday Sweaters

Jingle Bells,
Guaranteed to put a smile on someone's face!

Whether you prefer a "reindeer in headlights", a dancing reindeer, or a bad Santa, these light-hearted sweaters will raise spirits for the holidays.
Prim sculpted sleeves and turtle-neck collar, modify/transferrable!
Available at Wild Style Fashions.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday wishes!

Best wishes for the Holiday season! May the love of family and friends warm your home in the cold winter months to come, and may you find peace and joy in RL and SL!
In the coming year, I'll be working on some outfits that I hope will get your attention!

Friday, November 27, 2009

What about Christmas?

It's Black Friday, and I decided to release this cute little Santa's Helper outfit along with having a half-price sale in the main store.
I tried a couple of new tricks with this outfit. First, I added fur onto the end of a flexi skirt. Not a big deal, you say? Well, if you want it to move the right way, it's a big deal. Trust me on this. So, I'm really happy with the way the skirt turned out.
Second, the boots: I noticed a glitch in the latest Stiletto Moody's shoes, when the avatar's ankle moves, the shoe material disappears inside. It got me to thinking, and I realized that some boots don't have separate bits for the lower leg and the foot. So these boots are the first I've made with combined lower leg/foot. the foot just wears an invisiprim. It ends up looking really cool, all the time!
Believe it or not, I decide to offer this as my item for the Twisted Krissmuss non-hunt shopping event by the sponsors of the Twisted Hunt. That means, it'll be L$100 until 12/31/09. After that, I'll put it in the attic and give it a more realistic price of L$399.
I loaded this outfit on Apez and XStreet both, since I was curious how Apez stacks up. I think XStreet may be driving all us merchants away with their new pricing policy, which has me thinking I should list products anywhere else. Unfortunately, XStreet seems to be the most popular web-based marketplace. I used to have products on Onrez, which was the main competition to XStreet, but then XStreet bought out Onrez to kill the competition. Apez and are newer fledgling systems, and I decided to set up on Apez.
I've kinda given up on the FF Ashe for the time being... it's not coming out as sexy as I had thought it might; and there's a lot of sculpts... and... I think there might only be 2 or 3 people in SL that actually want it... :)
If you're dying to see ASHE, then tell me! If a bunch of people send me IM's or notecards or whatever, then maybe Ashe will come to life.

Monday, November 16, 2009

School Girl Outfit!

Well, I wanted to make an XStreet "top ten worthy" outfit, and the directions I got were:

1. Black

2. Short

3. PG but just barely

I started on a black miniskirt outfit, but then I was wearing it with the top from the Veronica's Secret set, and thought "dang, this would make a great schoolgirl outfit!" So I made a plaid texture and started screwing around...

Then someone was wondering why the Schoolgirl outfit didn't come with undies. So, I decided to make some new undies. I was thinking obout re-doing the bras in my current undies sets, so I had this new cut in the works. What do you think? I was thinking that I should make matching garters and stockings, and maybe a matching frilly robe :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Slow Progress on Ashe, more stuff

Ashe is coming along slowly, and taking a lot of sculpts. RL has kept me from spending more time on it. In the meantime, I added a couple of items:

The "Dare" dress, new yesterday, will get a little adjusting and 2 more colors: Black and Red. And maybe a little gold chain :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OK, so I got a little side-tracked

I had a friendly vampire customer come in, all hot to get a vinyl version of my toga. I thought "wow, that's a great idea", so I put Ashe on hold. Ashe is gonna take lots of custom sculpties, so I'm already feeling a little overwhelmed again. This toga was a fun break from that, even though it took me like 5 tries to get the textures just right. Ah well. If you missed the introductory sale, sorry! Add my store group and you'll get those notices! hint, hint...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ashe from FF

Another Final Fantasy character has been requested. I never set out to be a designer of Final Fantasy characters for Second Life, but it seems that the Final Fantasy fans have found me and they keep wanting more! I have a hard time saying "no" (hold the snickering down please), so I guess "it's ON".
Ashe will hopefully be done by end of July. We'll see!
I gave up on Ashe because the more it comes together, the less I liked it :(
If I get enough people begging for Ashe, I might still make it, but so far there were only 2 people who really expressed interest.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My most complicated outfit to date!

Why do I do this? I think it's a relentless persuit of perfection. The Gorean "Panther Girl" is a warrior that lives in the wild, is fiercely independent, strong, and sexy. I wanted to make an outfit that fully embodied every aspect of that, and would allow someone to step into that world with a single purchase. The design goal was to produce the best Panther outfit in SL. At least it is my favorite :)

This is the result - another 5 weeks of torturing prims and playing with scripts, getting everything to work. I worked with a few really helpful people, and I would like to thank them!

:) Gostosa Siamendes: For lots of ideas on what Panthers like in their outfits, and for feedback while I was making the outfit - Thanks so much!

:) Patrik Ling for help with the weapons scripts, thanks!

:) Kara Markova: For being a huge help with what matters when it comes to a Panther bow. I would have been clueless without you!

I'm hopeful that you love this outfit. I have to spend the next few months getting the (yes, fully functional) weapons to be approves by various sim owners (there are 1047 Gorean sims) before I get too many more variations out.

In the meantime, looks like the next project might be "Ashe" from Final Fantasy:

She'll take a while, but several people have asked about the outfit, and apparently it's not available in SL yet... I can't resist that type of opportunity!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Panther/Babarian Girl is coming...

This outfit will strive to be the best Panther outfit in SL, with so many features it'll blow you away!

So far: all prim outfit with bow, bow strapped to spine, extra arrows in thigh quiver/holster, fur bra, fur skirt with dagger, knife, rope, pouches, and a set of keys to get yourself unlocked from nasty traps :)

Most everything has some flexi dangling thing... a bow string, twine, rope ends, etc...

skirt with weapons is scripted to make the weapon disappear when you wear that weapon in your hand - great feature for roleplay (you'll be able to command the dagger, rope or knife to "draw" and "sheath")

Fur sandals and leggings with extra daggers in case you lose a dagger in some bad guy :)

Still to do: 
  1. Script the weapons for damage (in talks with scripters), 
  2. Make the bow "draw" and "sheath" or "stow" like the rope/dagger/knife,
  3. Add beads and feathers to the current pieces
  4. Make arm bands
  5. Make clothing layers so I'm not nekkie if the prims don't rez soon enough or someone turns off prims to reduce their lag...
Speaking of lag, I'm trying to make the scripts as low lag as possible; and the ARC so far is still pretty low; I'm trying to keep the texture count down without sacrificing looks :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Biker Babe makes a splash!

Reaching #28 on is no easy feat; and I'm very proud to say that I hope this is just the beginning of bigger things yet to come!  I'm working on a few new styles, based mostly on things people have asked for.  If you're dying to see something in SL that just doesn't exist - give me a call :)

This pic is by Voshie Paine, a great photographer and friend.  My friend Deep Schism says that the "Biker Babe" text is too small in the bottom left, but I was thinking "a whisper sometimes gets more attention than a scream."

What do you think of this pic?  Give us a shout out and tell me!

In the production queue:  Panther/barbarian girl, a wrap-around bathing suit, special prim mens shirt, formal gown, etc., etc. ... if you would like something, ask and I'll add it!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Biker Babe is HERE!

Leather and Chains, spikes and sexy undies. What else can you ask for? This is the wicked, awesome, sexy... Wild Style Biker Babe!Special introductory price, limited time...Boots:Knee-high leather sculpted boots with shiny leather belts. Sculpted buckles, and chains linking the belts. String ties too, with flexi ends.Thigh belts:Sculpted buckles, chains linking the belts, string tie with flexi tips.Skirt:Leather mini all-prim (rip/undress scripted) flexi skirt with spiked belt chained to the belt loops. Sculpted skull belt buckle. Script allows you to decide whether or not to allow the skirt to be removed.Vest:Leather vest on jacket layer with lace-up sides. Prim laces with flexi tips, sculped collar with belt, sculpted buckleBracers:leather beltsUndies:both layers (tattoo friendly). Spider web design.

with 820 prims, the ARC is around 1300 :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009


OK, disclaimer: not sports related. This March Madness came in the form of the "Twisted Hunt", which brought about 6000 people into the store who had possibly never seen Wild Style Fashions before! :) So, I was madly trying to help people, do the hunt, and make some stuff for people to wear at the same time!

I managed to remodel the store too - since I thought it could use a face-lift after seeing all the other great stores in the hunt :)

Newly introduced since Paine were the Guayabera Shirt that I made by request for my good friend Deep Schism, and a re-do of the ladies' toga and a new sheer version of the toga.

I decided that it's time to retire my older stuff and make some new things to replace them as time permits. First thing to get permanent retirement is my St. Patrick's Day Shamrock undies sets. They were fun and a stretch for me when I made them last year, but it's time to say goodbye to them...

So, what's in the works, you ask? "OMG, You read my blog?" I reply. :) I'm trying to put together a wickedly sexy "Biker Babe" outfit. To be included in Biker Babe:
> My most daring undies yet
> Leather vest with lace-up sides with prim ties
> All-prim Leather skirt with built-in spikey belt (rip scripted to be undressed)
> Belted wrist wraps (should I put Lockmeister scripts in them?)
> maybe some cool armor bits made to look like "Mad Max"?
The other question: Boots, or no boots?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Valentine's Day

Happy February, Fashion Fans!

So, I was looking back over this first year of designs, and I wanted to redo my first-ever creation: the "heart cutout" shirt. But how? A simple re-texture of the same cut wouldn't do; so I thought about the trail of hearts that I was working on for a jewelry set, and decided to go with that. The end result (part 1), is "Rave Girl - Hearts".

This outfit has 2 sets of heart cutouts, snaking their way around. They're sure to catch your prey in a trance, so you can pounce!

Be fierce, be Wild. Dress for the hunt WILD STYLE.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Zoot! redux

A very nice gentleman came into the store and asked if I could make a jacket to add to the Wild Style Zoot suit. He was kind enough to give me some hints as to what it should look like, which helped a lot. After trying to do everything in the mesh, I tossed the first design out because the lapels were distorting on the chest and the skirt portion just looked lame. It would have to be prims or nothing. It took a couple of days to get the flexi on the lower protion and the curves on the lapels just right, but here he is. Since the competition is selling Zoots at L$700 - L$1000, and this complete set is only L$550, we'll see how long it takes to become the #1 Zoot in SL!!! :)
I'd look into making shoes, but HOC has really good L$10 "Skootchers". How can I compete with that?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finally Finished with Paine ...

Night after endless night of slaving to make the perfect recreation of Paine has yielded this amazing outfit. I found another Paine outfit on the grid after I had already made this; but mine is 10 times better, I think. I'm just wondering if people will pay twice as much for the quality or go for the cheap version just to have something "similar". I had the same situation with FF Fran, but apparently people LOVE her. Time will tell.

I hired Helke Duettmann to shoot a video to Three Days Grace's song "Pain". It should be VERY interesting!

Up next: Zoot jackets and purple flames! That sounds weird, but they're not in the same outfit :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hi Fashion Fans!

OK, I was super busy the last month! With RL, Christmas, New Years, and all that there wasn't enough time to blog. Here's the rundown of new releases:

Christmas Undies, based on the very successful Skull Undies from Halloween. There is a new line of Rave outfits with flexi bell-bottoms and cool belts, and I quietly released a set of ruby heart jewelry (which I'm planning to update very soon).

The guys get a new set of shirts, and I had a few custom jobs. Notably, I created the championship belts for the SL Extreme Wrestling Federation!

It's time once again for a big project, so here comes Final Fantasy X2 "Paine". I would love to shoot a video for Youtube to the song "Pain" by Three Days Grace. That would totally rock :)

There's only 2 pieces left to make the outfit complete: her wrap, and her brooch. I was thinking about including a sword for her, but I'm not sure how far down that road I would go. There's all kinds of scripting that goes with swords... ugh...

Paine has a barbed-wire necklace that is included in this set, but is so cool I might sell it separately. Also, her boots are a new sculpt set that I just got -and tweaked a little :) ... those might be cool as separate items. Her gloves are highly detailed too. The only thing that bugs me is that when I started out, I thought this would be the ONLY Paine in Second Life. Alas, just like Fran before her, I discovered that there is a competitor. Fortunately, I think mine will be 10 times as good!

The Second Style Magazine ad for Wild Style is due to hit soon, and I'm hoping that a larger audience discover what Wild Style has to offer.

The mall is full once again, and we have a Fierce reseller now! Everyone should come by and check out the mall. If you know a good designer that you think should be there, I can always make room.

My good friend Inferno Nightfire moved in to Cheonma next door to Wild Style, so I made a path over to her store :) It's called "Fetish Inferno", and she has some really racy stuff. I'm really excited to have a friend as my neighbor, and hope it will prove to be a good location for her!

Thanks for tuning in, Fashion Fans!