Thursday, May 7, 2009

Panther/Babarian Girl is coming...

This outfit will strive to be the best Panther outfit in SL, with so many features it'll blow you away!

So far: all prim outfit with bow, bow strapped to spine, extra arrows in thigh quiver/holster, fur bra, fur skirt with dagger, knife, rope, pouches, and a set of keys to get yourself unlocked from nasty traps :)

Most everything has some flexi dangling thing... a bow string, twine, rope ends, etc...

skirt with weapons is scripted to make the weapon disappear when you wear that weapon in your hand - great feature for roleplay (you'll be able to command the dagger, rope or knife to "draw" and "sheath")

Fur sandals and leggings with extra daggers in case you lose a dagger in some bad guy :)

Still to do: 
  1. Script the weapons for damage (in talks with scripters), 
  2. Make the bow "draw" and "sheath" or "stow" like the rope/dagger/knife,
  3. Add beads and feathers to the current pieces
  4. Make arm bands
  5. Make clothing layers so I'm not nekkie if the prims don't rez soon enough or someone turns off prims to reduce their lag...
Speaking of lag, I'm trying to make the scripts as low lag as possible; and the ARC so far is still pretty low; I'm trying to keep the texture count down without sacrificing looks :)

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