Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Biker Babe makes a splash!

Reaching #28 on is no easy feat; and I'm very proud to say that I hope this is just the beginning of bigger things yet to come!  I'm working on a few new styles, based mostly on things people have asked for.  If you're dying to see something in SL that just doesn't exist - give me a call :)

This pic is by Voshie Paine, a great photographer and friend.  My friend Deep Schism says that the "Biker Babe" text is too small in the bottom left, but I was thinking "a whisper sometimes gets more attention than a scream."

What do you think of this pic?  Give us a shout out and tell me!

In the production queue:  Panther/barbarian girl, a wrap-around bathing suit, special prim mens shirt, formal gown, etc., etc. ... if you would like something, ask and I'll add it!

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