Sunday, April 5, 2009

Biker Babe is HERE!

Leather and Chains, spikes and sexy undies. What else can you ask for? This is the wicked, awesome, sexy... Wild Style Biker Babe!Special introductory price, limited time...Boots:Knee-high leather sculpted boots with shiny leather belts. Sculpted buckles, and chains linking the belts. String ties too, with flexi ends.Thigh belts:Sculpted buckles, chains linking the belts, string tie with flexi tips.Skirt:Leather mini all-prim (rip/undress scripted) flexi skirt with spiked belt chained to the belt loops. Sculpted skull belt buckle. Script allows you to decide whether or not to allow the skirt to be removed.Vest:Leather vest on jacket layer with lace-up sides. Prim laces with flexi tips, sculped collar with belt, sculpted buckleBracers:leather beltsUndies:both layers (tattoo friendly). Spider web design.

with 820 prims, the ARC is around 1300 :)

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