Thursday, March 26, 2009


OK, disclaimer: not sports related. This March Madness came in the form of the "Twisted Hunt", which brought about 6000 people into the store who had possibly never seen Wild Style Fashions before! :) So, I was madly trying to help people, do the hunt, and make some stuff for people to wear at the same time!

I managed to remodel the store too - since I thought it could use a face-lift after seeing all the other great stores in the hunt :)

Newly introduced since Paine were the Guayabera Shirt that I made by request for my good friend Deep Schism, and a re-do of the ladies' toga and a new sheer version of the toga.

I decided that it's time to retire my older stuff and make some new things to replace them as time permits. First thing to get permanent retirement is my St. Patrick's Day Shamrock undies sets. They were fun and a stretch for me when I made them last year, but it's time to say goodbye to them...

So, what's in the works, you ask? "OMG, You read my blog?" I reply. :) I'm trying to put together a wickedly sexy "Biker Babe" outfit. To be included in Biker Babe:
> My most daring undies yet
> Leather vest with lace-up sides with prim ties
> All-prim Leather skirt with built-in spikey belt (rip scripted to be undressed)
> Belted wrist wraps (should I put Lockmeister scripts in them?)
> maybe some cool armor bits made to look like "Mad Max"?
The other question: Boots, or no boots?

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