Sunday, April 15, 2012

FuLo lovely at the Flawless Sim

Dita Tran has come out with some awesome designs, and these are my 2 favorites from the ones she's putting on special sale at the Flawless Spring Sale:

First is the "Juliana" diamond set, on the cart out front for L$125 (normally I think they go for L$225).  I just love the detail.  I think it goes great with an elegant evening ensemble for that special occasion... or just to get lots of attention...
Dress: Lace Dress by Wild Style Fashions
Hair: BAM! by Analog Dog
Skin: Martina (Mocha) by LAQ
Eyes: Dazzling Marine by LAQ

The "Eugenie" Choker is only L$70, and I think I was only at this one club for like 10 minutes before 3 separate guys asked me to dance.  All I was doing was sitting innocently on a sofa wearing this ensemble.  I think the choker was what did it.

So go see FuLo at the Flawless Spring Sale, or at their Mainstore - and then accessorize with some hot clothing from Wild Style Fashions. :)

Wild Style Fashions Main Store: