Friday, November 27, 2009

What about Christmas?

It's Black Friday, and I decided to release this cute little Santa's Helper outfit along with having a half-price sale in the main store.
I tried a couple of new tricks with this outfit. First, I added fur onto the end of a flexi skirt. Not a big deal, you say? Well, if you want it to move the right way, it's a big deal. Trust me on this. So, I'm really happy with the way the skirt turned out.
Second, the boots: I noticed a glitch in the latest Stiletto Moody's shoes, when the avatar's ankle moves, the shoe material disappears inside. It got me to thinking, and I realized that some boots don't have separate bits for the lower leg and the foot. So these boots are the first I've made with combined lower leg/foot. the foot just wears an invisiprim. It ends up looking really cool, all the time!
Believe it or not, I decide to offer this as my item for the Twisted Krissmuss non-hunt shopping event by the sponsors of the Twisted Hunt. That means, it'll be L$100 until 12/31/09. After that, I'll put it in the attic and give it a more realistic price of L$399.
I loaded this outfit on Apez and XStreet both, since I was curious how Apez stacks up. I think XStreet may be driving all us merchants away with their new pricing policy, which has me thinking I should list products anywhere else. Unfortunately, XStreet seems to be the most popular web-based marketplace. I used to have products on Onrez, which was the main competition to XStreet, but then XStreet bought out Onrez to kill the competition. Apez and are newer fledgling systems, and I decided to set up on Apez.
I've kinda given up on the FF Ashe for the time being... it's not coming out as sexy as I had thought it might; and there's a lot of sculpts... and... I think there might only be 2 or 3 people in SL that actually want it... :)
If you're dying to see ASHE, then tell me! If a bunch of people send me IM's or notecards or whatever, then maybe Ashe will come to life.

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