Monday, November 16, 2009

School Girl Outfit!

Well, I wanted to make an XStreet "top ten worthy" outfit, and the directions I got were:

1. Black

2. Short

3. PG but just barely

I started on a black miniskirt outfit, but then I was wearing it with the top from the Veronica's Secret set, and thought "dang, this would make a great schoolgirl outfit!" So I made a plaid texture and started screwing around...

Then someone was wondering why the Schoolgirl outfit didn't come with undies. So, I decided to make some new undies. I was thinking obout re-doing the bras in my current undies sets, so I had this new cut in the works. What do you think? I was thinking that I should make matching garters and stockings, and maybe a matching frilly robe :)

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