Sunday, September 11, 2011

New MM board item, new raffle

I'm reactivating the Midnight Mania board at Wild Style Fashions, and putting in this little gem.  Flame Undies Set by Wild Style Fashions. 

Credits: Skin by LAQ, Hair by Analog Dog.  Queue Marlowe just came out with a bunch of new styles, and they're awesome.  This one is called "LaDonna", in "Goth" color.

I'm in the process of remodelling to give the store a more modern look, and hopeful that this will bring a few more people down to check it out.  If you visit the store, please feel free to give me feedback!

I've modified the rules of the Wild Style Fashions monthly store raffle.  I used to give out the raffle prize to members of the store group, without much regard for whether people were visiting the store or not.  I have now added a raffle kiosk, and another step to get in the raffle.  To join the monthly raffle, you need to be a member of the Wild Style Fashions store group, and click the kiosk in the main store.

One winner is chosen at random each month.  To win, that person has to still be in the Store Group.  If the winner ALSO has Wild Style Fashions in their "Picks", then they get a bonus L$1000 gift card!

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