Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why I left "Make Her Over", "Make Him Over II", and "Vic Zuzu"

Today I left the two fashion groups run by Vic Zuzu, and his "Foundation" group.

Why would a clothing designer leave a group with over 4000 members?  Or 8000 members?  Am I crazy?  I'll let you decide.  What it came down to was whether or not I could stomach being "fined" for sending out the same notice I send to other fashion groups.  Because that notice happens to list a "mixed" set of "previous releases" - which don't necessarily match the gender-audience of the main "new release" item, Vic Zuzu and his staff wanted to charge me L$1400 as a "fine".

As clothing designers, we sometimes bend over backwards to reach a big audience, joining fashion groups galore.  Fashion Consolidated used to be the biggest fashion group in SL, and charged L$1000 just to join as a vendor.  We had to have a Fashcon kiosk in the store, and the group was heavily moderated.  It was well run though, since the moderators were fair and understanding.  Lots of (great) fashion groups have started up since then; "Fashions-R-Us", "menstuff", "womenstuff", "Avenue Magazine Readers", "The Best Of SL Magazine readers", etc.  The list is long.  None of them try to "fine" vendors L$ for gaffs in their notice format.

That's worth repeating: None of those other groups penalize designers for their notice format with L$. Depending on the group, they may revoke your right to post notices for a week or two as a slap on the wrist when you don't follow the rules; but most follow a formula: 1 notice per week MAX, and the Notice must include a new release item.

On March 13, I made the mistake of sending the SAME notice I sent to those other groups to Vic's group.  For this, I got a visit from a representative of Vic's (*cough* Alt? *cough* - not sure there), and a "warning".  She seemed friendly enough, so I thought that was the last of it.  I saw a notice go out to Vic's "Foundation" group, talking about the backlash from other designers complaining.  I took a look at the dwindling number of designers (he's down to 72 or so) and I thought about quitting right then to support my fellow "oppressed designers" (who I guess were leaving in droves), but it seemed like maybe I wouldn't be asked to pay the fine, since as I explained, it was a mistake.  I made myself a reminder for next time, and wondered if I would even bother sending another notice. 

I had hope.

Then, tonight I received a note from Vic's rep entitled "Second Notification on due charges", asking for L$1400 to have my right to send notices restored.  Excuse me?  There was no "first notice".  Nobody was online to respond to me.  But why would they take away my right to send notices and fine me for an honest mistake?

So I quit all 3 groups.  But not until I went to the group chat and said goodbye to everyone. :)
They were all very understanding.

Am I crazy?

OK - for any syndication rules that indicate I should have a new item notice, I'm throwing this together for Easter.  Maybe I'm feeling a little feisty, which explains the guns.  I'll release my lace dress in Blue, the bunny nose and ears will go out as a store group free giftie, and you're all set for hunting wabbits!


Guns: [BlackOps] Blade Mac10's by Ben Dmytryk
Ears, nose: Easter freebies that I plan to put out very soon at Wild Style Fashions!  I promise!
Blue Lace Dress by Wild Style Fashions
Blue Lace Undies by Wild Style Fashions
LAQ Martina Glow skin [Mocha]
LAQ Dazzling Marine Eyes
Hair - Tavern 1b by Analog Dog (Queue Marlowe)
Bling - MIEL UVA group gift (Mika Nieuport)
Boots - BAX Ankle Boot Black Patent (Bax Coen)

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